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St.Maarten Top 3 Popular Beaches

St.Maarten Top 3 Popular Beaches

There are many contenders, as St.Maarten claims to have 37 beaches, on its 37 square miles. Have you ever tried to name them all?

The three most popular on the Dutch side (St.Maarten or Sint Maarten) are:

1. Maho Beach

(of course, known for the close encounters with jet blast). This is a ‘must see’, and was rated #21 of top 25 Caribbean beaches by Traveler’s awards in 2015. Buses bring loads of visitors here from the cruise ships.

This beach is a favourite of thrill seekers, and plane lovers. It is located       next to the Maho Sonesta Resort, at the landing/take off end of the runway. Visitors used to hang onto the airport fencing when jets throttled up for take off. The resulting blast has tumbled people into the water, and has asked njured some people. A second fence has been erected, and there are numerous warning signs.

Sunset beach Bar is located at one end, and the Boat Bar at the other.

The Beach sand is lovely, although it sometimes gets washed away entirely if there is a weather system from the northwest, or a tropical storm nearby. The water is very clear.


2. Mullet Bay

Calm clear water, often very crowded. It is located on the south side of the private road through St.Maarten’s only golf course, between the Maho Resort and Cupecoy developments.

Mullet Bay is a favourite of tourists and locals alike. The busiest end is near the two beach bars/rests – the end nearest Cupecoy is much less populated.

For many years, from the 70’s to 90’s, Mullet Bay was a very large resort, with villa like buildings scattered throughout the property. It was completely destroyed in 1995 by hurricane Louis, which hovered over the Simpson Bay lagoon for hours. There have been decades of lawsuits against the resort owners since; every now and then there are rumors of new development. It is unarguably the most valuable property on the island.

In north winds, there is good surfing at the east end of the beach.

3. Kim Sha Beach

This name is not on maps, but locals call it that, after a hotel that used to be here. It is located at the eastern end of Simpson Bay. The Atrium hotel, Greenhouse restaurant and Buccaneer’s Beach Bar occupy one end, which is very busy. This is a child friendly beach, with movies for kids on Friday night. Not the clearest water, but the sand is lovely. Ocean Explorers Dive Shop is also on this beach.

This beach is a wonderful place to see green flashes from at sunset, especially in February. Yes, they do exist!


If you have any questions about these beaches, or any St.Maarten/st.Martin beaches, please email me at: